Applications to Push DSL Speed

dsl speedToday’s DSL provides so much speed that you cannot possibly make it breathe heavily, right?  Maybe not.  Of course multiple people can always do the same things that they have always done online and bog down a connection via sheer volume, but there are plenty of valid reasons to upgrade.  Some of the reasons to upgrade are the same as they have been, but others are completely new technologies or new twists on old technologies!

The Latest Games

The latest online games can consume a great deal of network performance, but they do it in a very unique way.  No longer are upstream and downstream the sole metrics that are being considered prime by gamers, but now it is a game of reliability and ping times.  Ping times are only distantly related to up- and down-stream speeds, but there is a relationship there.  The latest games combine gigantic playing fields with dozens of players in such a way that network speed and reliability are challenged.  Add to this live voice chatting that is integrated in most releases and I think that you will agree that even faster DSL speeds may not be enough to keep modern games at bay; gamers are as hungry as ever for better performance!

Online Stores

Everything is for sale online and via digital distribution these days.  Books, songs, television shows, games, movies, and more are all consuming bandwidth in new ways that our DSL connections never had to contend with before.  These purchases are showing just how fast, or in some cases slow, our DSL connections really are.  Just look at the advertising page for nearly any broadband provider and you are almost certain to see just how much time it takes to download a TV show or song with Speed Package A or B.

Benchmarks Galore

Some people get their kicks off of seeing just how fast their connection is.  More power to them!  The faster the connection, the quicker most benchmarks conclude, and that means just more time to run them again!  Of course, many applications that rely on the Internet also have integrated benchmarks in them these days that may also measure broadband performance to some degree.

Streaming Media

Streaming media has become a big business in recent years, with companies like Netflix and Hulu taking center stage alongside of download-titans like iTunes.  Where the future is going is unclear, but these services are likely to become even more bandwidth hungry as 2.5K and 4K HD standards take off and become the norm.  Other sites such as YouTube focus on streaming media to a small degree and can be imbedded in other web pages, which makes even web browsing a more bandwidth intensive experience.

Online Backups

It used to be that backups were done on tapes or an external drive.  These days the Internet is used to backup entire computers to offsite locations!  Talk about bandwidth intensive!  The upside is that many of these companies offer secure locations that can withstand (literally) nuclear attacks and acts of God.  If that is not impressive, I don’t know what is.

Home Security

Home security is going high-tech and you no longer have to pay people to watch your property as you can do it from anywhere in the world via a smartphone, tablet, or PC!  Of course, you might still want people to help monitor your property, but the fact that you can use the latest DSL technology to stream several live camera feeds around the globe is truly an impressive feat worthy of admiration.  There is also the flip side of this argument that you may want to be very careful with who you share you login information with.

Remote Access

A few years ago only the geekiest of us had servers in our homes, but the advent of affordable NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices and routers with internal and/or external storage as well as home media servers has really changed things.  Now people can log in to their device from afar access anything that they want from their home network regardless of where they happen to be.  This technology is taking off and it seems like at least part of ‘The Cloud’ will be in our own homes before too long.